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If you’re feeling uncomfortable in your clothes, welcome to the life-changing solution designed just for you.

Do you hate shopping or get overwhelmed when you walk into a store?

Are you struggling to put together cute outfits that work for your body type and daily life?

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Do you want to de-clutter your closet so you can find & love every piece?

Do you have decision fatigue over what to wear when you step into your closet?

Are you stuck in a style rut and not sure how to update your look?


We think you’re worthy of something more than just ‘clothes’. So, we created Outfit Formulas® to make it easy for you to get back on track to feeling good. In three simple steps, simplify your closet with basic staples & seasonal trends, and learn how to pair them every day.


In only three easy steps, you’re on your way to a better closet



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Log in to the portal, review your style guide, and get started! Each guide includes a shopping list, daily outfit formulas, and resources to help you make substitutions, color coordinate, and more!

Fall capsule wardrobe shopping list preview



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Check off your capsule wardrobe list by shopping your closet, then fill in any gaps in your wardrobe by using our helpful online directory or head to your favorite retailer. 

Fall capsule wardrobe outfit preview showing black top, chambray button down, and neutral embellished top



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Now that your clothing items are in place, it’s time to style them! Created using the pieces from your shopping list, the daily outfit ideas tell you exactly what to wear every day!

Fall capsule wardrobe daily outfit examples showing day 1 and 2 outfit examples


Our capsule wardrobes are packed with reasons to love them.

    fit for your body graphic with body shape icon

    Fit For Your Body

    Works for any Size, Shape, Age, Budget without sacrificing style.

    customize your style icon with checklist icon showing clothing outlines

    Customize Your Style

    We provide guidance in choosing the right pieces that compliment your own personal style, not just what’s trendy.

    adapt your wardrobe with seasonal icons showing winter and summer

    Adapt Your Wardrobe

    Whether you dress for the office or home, live in a warm or cold climate, there’s a perfect formula for you.

    dress confidently graphic with star icon

    Dress Confidently

    Feel put-together and have fun doing it!

    save money graphic with coin and dollar sign icon

    Save Money

    We encourage you to shop your closet and get more ‘wear’ out of your clothing.

    reduce clutter graphic with laundry basket icon

    reduce clutter

    When you buy less and know how to better utilize what you already own, your closet will be more organized!

    buy less graphic with three box icons with an x across them ditch monthly boxes graphic with box and dollar sign icons

    buy less

    Get more out of your clothes by shopping with a purpose- we help you avoid buyer’s guilt.

    ditch monthly boxes graphic with box and dollar sign icons

    Ditch Monthly Boxes

    Skip the monthly subscriptions! Our style guides are a low-cost option for building your wardrobe.

    save time graphic with clock icon

    Save Time

    Stop staring at your closet wondering what to wear. Makes mornings a breeze!

    feel stylish graphic with camera icon

    feel stylish

    Perfect mix of classic and trendy pieces helps you stay up to date year-round.

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    get dressed easily

    Simple Style Guides with Shopping Lists and Daily Outfit Ideas, all at your fingertips with our mobile app!

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    shop stress-free

    Spend less time at the store with our easy shopping lists + directory.


    Answer a few questions to determine which Outfit Formulas® Capsule Wardrobe is right for you. 

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    shop formulas

    Browse our selection of Outfit Formulas® Capsule Wardrobes

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    How It Works

    Learn more about how easy it is to use Outfit Formulas® and the benefits of becoming a member

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    Check out what our members have to say about Outfit Formulas® Capsule Wardrobes

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    Get all your questions answered about Outfit Formulas® Capsule Wardrobes

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