What is an Outfit Formula?

Much like combining the ingredients from a recipe to create a meal, an Outfit Formula is a combination of pieces to create a complete look. It’s like meal planning for your closet!

This is sometimes called an ‘outfit uniform’ as well. You probably have a few ‘go to’ formulas you use already without even realizing it. For example, Jeans + T-Shirt + Cardigan + Flats. That sounds like a regular, everyday outfit that you’ve likely worn many times before.

If you think about the formula in mathematical terms, a formula is meant to be evaluated. That is, you replace all variables in it with specific values. As such, the ‘variables’ of Jeans + T-Shirt + Cardigan + Flats can be replaced with ‘specific values’ like:

  • Dark Wash Jeans + Striped T-Shirt + Red Cardigan + Leopard Ballet Flats
  • White Jeans + Solid Navy T-Shirt + Beige Cardigan + Strappy Sandal Flats
  • Light Wash Jeans + White T-Shirt + Grey Cardigan + Red Flats

Each of these options still include the variables of Jeans + T-Shirt + Cardigan + Flats, but the details of each piece vary to create three completely different looks. When you consider an outfit formula, look at your closet for ‘specific values’ and your outfit options will become endless. You’ll never say you have nothing to wear again!
The Outfit Formulas® Style Guides help you choose the right clothing from your favorite stores with our easy shopping lists, and pair them effortlessly with our daily outfit ideas. You can learn more about how it works and the benefits of building your own capsule wardrobe here.

March 4, 2022
by outfitformulas

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