Style Trends for 2022

This just in… we’ve completed our forecast of style trends for 2022! In typical Outfit Formulas fashion, we have highlighted pieces from our 2021 seasonal capsule wardrobe style guides that we anticipate will continue to be a top trending item in your closet in 2022. That means less clothes you need to buy this year which you know we love!

Spring 2022 – Cardigans + Overalls

spring 2022 style trend - cardigan with overalls and tee

A colorful button front cardigan is a must have this season. You’ll still see longer style cardigans around but a cropped or boxy fit is currently trending to help show off your jeans with a high waisted fit.

Overalls may be a bit of a throwback to your younger days but many of the latest styles are updated with distressed details for a more modern look. Don’t even get us started on how comfortable they are to wear – pants that don’t feel like you’re wearing pants? Yes please! 

Summer 2022 – Eyelet + White Sneakers

summer 2022 style trend - eyelet blouse with white sneakers and denim shorts

We get asked all the time how to add interest to summer outfits without adding heat – it’s all in the details! Eyelet fabric is the perfect subtle detail to add a little something extra to your look without making you sweat.

We may be cheating on this one a little bit, will you forgive us? Arguably white sneakers are a timeless classic but they made the cut on this trend forecast because they are having such a style moment! Whether you prefer a slip-on, a low cut profile, or a high-top you’ll be right on trend with a pair of these classic and trendy kicks.

Fall 2022 – Blazer + Leopard Mules

fall 2022 style trend - blazer with leopard mules + striped tee and jeans

Who doesn’t love a blazer moment? From closing deals at the office to a date night out it’s gotta be the most versatile topper in your wardrobe. We love a ruched sleeve in a classic black or navy color.

In case you’re new around here let us fill you in, leopard print is a neutral! If you feel like your OOTD needs a little something extra try adding a pop of leopard. Mules with metal and chain accent details are en vogue so keep an eye out for that added touch of glam to take your look to the next level!

Winter 2022 – Straight Jeans + Shacket

winter 2022 style trend - straight jeans with the shacket + long sleeve tee and booties

The renaissance of the straight leg jean is here! Real talk, it’s a classic cut that has been on the back burner for a while now so we’re glad to see it taking front and center stage the last few seasons. (In case you missed it we already covered the controversial question – Are Skinny Jeans Out of Style?)

A touch of menswear inspiration coupled with an oversized fit makes the shacket a year round go-to choice for the perfect layering piece. They are typically middle of the road in weight being thicker than a traditional flannel shirt but lighter than a standard jacket. Let’s just call it the Goldilocks of outerwear – not too warm, not too cold, it’s truly just right!

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May 13, 2022
by outfitformulas

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