Winter work wear

Turn Heads at the Office This Winter

Winter has arrived, ushering in a season of commitments. Amidst meeting work deadlines, preparing for holidays, and winning playful snowball fights, planning your outfits might feel like an excess burden.

But imagine starting each day with a flawlessly curated outfit that merges professionalism with seasonal style. Introducing our exclusive Winter 2023 Workwear Guide, your secret arsenal for a chic and effortless winter wardrobe!

Building upon our popular casual Winter 2023 Outfit Guide, we’ve tailored each formula with a unique workwear twist. Now, effortlessly transition from office meetings to weekend retreats without skipping a beat (or a trend!).

Here’s what you can anticipate:

Outfit 1:

Winter Work Wear Outfit: Striped Sweater, Black Slacks, Red Heels, Black Handbag

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Outfit 2:

Winter Work Wear Outfit: Grey Cardigan, Ivory Turtleneck, Navy Slacks, Nude, Pumps, Color Block Scarf


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Outfit 3:

Winter Work Wear Outfit: Black Turtleneck Sweater, Black Long Tie-Waist Vest, Grey Slacks, Black Pumps, Red Tote

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Outfit 4:

Work Wear Outfit: Tan Coat, Printed Dress, Knee High Boots or Pumps, Red Handbag

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Outfit 5:

Work Wear Outfit: Matching Cardigan and Tank, Grey Trousers, Black Pumps, Neutral Tote

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Ready for more workwear looks?

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Say farewell to morning outfit dilemmas and embrace flawless, fashionable workdays!



December 11, 2023
by outfitformulas

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