the power of personal styling. Take one base outfit and make a few tweaks to create three different outfits.

Maximize Your Wardrobe: The Power of Personal Styling and Outfit Building

Personal styling is an art, a way to express yourself, and it’s time we master it together. It’s time to stop shopping and start practicing building outfits with what you already have!

In this era of fast fashion, it’s easy to get caught up in the buy-buy-buy mentality. We often forget to pause, appreciate, and utilize what we already have in our closets. But when you actually take a moment to explore your existing wardrobe, you’ll be surprised at the multitude of outfits waiting to be discovered.

So, instead of clicking ‘add to cart’, let’s walk into our closets and start mixing and matching. Trust us, there are countless outfit combinations you haven’t even considered yet.

We at Outfit Formulas love experimenting with our closets and we encourage you to do the same!

Today, we’re going to show you how, with just a few simple tweaks, you can transform a single base outfit into several entirely different looks.

Our base outfit for this exercise is a classic staple that most of us have in our wardrobes – a Black Turtleneck paired with Black Jeans. This versatile combo can be styled in countless ways, but let’s start with three options.

Black Turtleneck and Black Jeans

Option 1: Add a Fun Headband and Statement Shoes

For a playful, vibrant look, add a printed headband and some red flats to your base outfit. This combination adds a pop of color and personality, perfect for a casual day out.

All Black Outfit: Black Turtleneck + Black Jeans + Printed Headband + Red Flats

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Option 2: Add a Vest and Boots

For a cozy, outdoorsy look, layer a puffer vest over your black turtleneck and pair it with sherpa boots. This outfit is an excellent choice for a winter walk or a laid-back weekend adventure.

All Black Outfit: Black Turtleneck + Black Jeans + Black Puffer Vest + Black Sherpa Boots

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Option 3: Add a Poncho and Flats

For a relaxed, bohemian vibe, throw on a printed poncho and slip into some neutral color block flats. This look is effortlessly chic and comfortable, perfect for a coffee date or a day of errands.

All Black Outfit: Black Turtleneck + Black Jeans + Printed Poncho + Neutral Flats

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Not sure about a combo you create?

Remember, personal styling is all about creativity and self-expression. If you’re ever unsure about a look, snap a pic and ask a friend. You can also tap into the collective wisdom of our program’s Facebook group. It’s a vibrant community of women on the same style journey as you, sharing outfit ideas, giving suggestions, and offering support. Join the group today (it’s free) and start discovering the power of personal styling!



January 8, 2024
by outfitformulas

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