Styles To Conceal Your Midsection this Summer

Here at Outfit Formulas®, we believe that every woman is worthy of great style, no matter your shape, age, or size. We also believe that you should only choose items for your closet that serve you and your body, instead of trying to wear clothing that doesn’t fit, is uncomfortable, and that isn’t a HECK YES! You are beautiful, just as you are- and we hope you remind yourself of that every day. 

We also understand that that sometimes there are parts of our bodies that make us self conscious and we all have insecurities. Knowing HOW to dress your body is key to having confidence in what you’re wearing. The #1 top complaint we hear from members in our community is their midsection has changed over the years, and they are unsure how to adapt to it- so here are some pieces to look for this summer that will help conceal your midsection, and give you back some confidence!

option #1 - conceal your midsection with a swing dress and light utility jacket

Summer Dresses:

Choose tiered, fit and flare or swing dresses. You can pair with a light utility or denim jacket for the chilly nights. Dress it u with heels or mules, or wear white sneakers for a casual vibe!

option #2 - conceal your midsection with a tiered top and denim jeans


Choose tops with wider sleeves and a shorter hem and look for a subtle flare/swing towards the hem. Pair with your favorite denim jeans or shorts in any color! You can dress up with a pair of khakis or slacks for the office!

option #3, conceal your midsection with a button down shirt

Button Down Shirts:

Choose relaxed button down shirts and blouses in any color or fabric. Linen and cotton are great for the summer. Size up and take it to a tailor for the perfect, custom fit!

Bathing Suits:

The ever-changing trends for swimwear can be daunting, but you can’t go wrong with a black one-piece! This classic look will esrve you for years. Look for something black, patterned, with details like ruffles or scallops, and even a wrap detail is incredibly flattering!

About Outfit Formulas®

Much like combining the ingredients from a recipe to create a meal, an Outfit Formula is a combination of pieces to create a complete look. It’s like meal planning for your closet! The beauty of an Outfit Formula® is that you can make it your own by shopping your closet and filling in any gaps by looking for similar pieces at your favorite stores. Are you struggling with how to dress your body shape? Outfit Formulas® Body Shape Capsule Wardrobe is perfect for you! It includes a comprehensive guide to determining your shape, and coordinating outfit ideas for every woman, no matter your size.

June 17, 2022
by outfitformulas

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