Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

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Join stylist Alison Lumbatis and for just $39 build an on trend capsule wardrobe of stylish and versatile summer clothes you love!  It’s the affordable way to have your own personal stylist.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a shopping list of on trend summer essentials, including accessories. Get 33 days of casual outfit ideas PLUS “dress it up” and “dress it down” options to adjust each outfit for every summer event on your calendar! You get your shopping list and all 33 days of outfit ideas immediately upon sign up.

As a special bonus, you’ll also receive access to the Style Challenges Summer 2019 Capsule Wardrobe, doubling your outfit ideas! You can shop your closet, save money and have more styling options.



Designed for any size, age, or budget, Outfit Formulas are guaranteed to be perfect for YOU



Includes 38 coordinating tops, bottoms, shoes & accessories



No more wondering what to wear! Get the most out of your new closet with our daily outfit calendar.


Receive access to the Style Challenges Summer 2019 Capsule Wardrobe and double your outfit ideas!


Resources to select your best colors for the Summer capsule wardrobe palette.


See all 33 outfit ideas at a glance in our one page outfit calendar for Round 1 and Round 2.

Pattern mixing guide

Receive my quick pattern mixing guide to help you mix patterns at ease!


This guide is full of tips on what to look for and what to avoid in swimwear to best flatter your figure.


I’m on a mission to make personal style accessible to every woman. Through Outfit Formulas™, I’ve created an affordable personal style program that gives you everything you need to build a capsule wardrobe you’ll love. As a mom of three and recovering yoga pants addict, I know how hard it can be to get dressed on a daily basis. The Outfit Formulas™ Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe makes getting dressed and being on trend the easiest thing you’ll do all day!


Alison Lumbatis




A printable list of the classic pieces and on-trend updates you need for a basic versatile wardrobe, with links to pieces you can buy.


Ask all of your style questions and learn more about trends, tips and tricks in Alison’s seasonal Q&A in the private Facebook group. 


Suggested combinations of the pieces on your shopping list emailed to you every day to give you ideas and inspiration. No more wondering what to wear!


We focus on giving you the best lifestyle & wardrobe inspiration through our blogs. You’ll have access to discount codes and freebies, too!


Swap tips, share ideas, make new friends and get feedback from other women using the seasonal Outfit Formulas™ in our active (private) Facebook group.


Yep! We love to give away free stuff. When you join the private seasonal Facebook Group, you’ll have access to weekly contests and giveaways!

35 reviews for Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Karen Derrick

    My father was hospitalized and I was given very quick notice I could quarantine myself in his hospital room. Thank you GYPO for helping me grab a few things and know how to mix and match. I stayed 2 weeks and even a nurse commented how I had on a different cute outfit and had a small suitcase. I felt confident with my appearance while in a very vulnerable situation with my dad. I’ve never packed so fast and felt so put together. I love this system.

  2. Julie

    So far so AWESOME! I’ve discovered the joys of pattern mixing, that white pants are not that scary after all and that Alison and all the women in this community are just *the* most supportive group of humans ever. What an extraordinarily good use of my money. Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Genia Melton

    I was very thankful for Alisons thoughtful outfit formulas for this summer. I am “enjoying” our time at home in comfort and style. The pieces are both classic and fun.

  4. Michele Miljas

    I couldn’t be happier with my GYPO annual membership. Although I already loved fashion, my problem was how to narrow down what to buy. The annual membership helps me to focus on some key pieces and I really feel like I have more options now to choose from. The outfit calendar is a great guide as well to take the guesswork out of, “what should I wear today?” if I want to follow it for that particular day. Thank you Allison for bringing back my style!

  5. Karen Spencer

    Doing the Summer 2020 Outfit Formula’s has been like a breath of fresh air!!! The outfits are great, and you can shop your closet and sub whatever you choose. The Facebook group truly is wonderful, like checking in with your fashion girlfriends! Alison has really put together an excellent program!!!

  6. Lisa Newcomb

    Over the last few years, I found myself taking so much time choosing an outfit for the day-I was even late for work sometimes because of it! I found Alison and the Outfit Formulas last winter and what a difference! This program has everything I need to get ready and feel confident, and I make it to work on time now!! Thank you thank you Alison and Team

  7. Tricia S.

    I am loving the summer 2020 outfit formulas. I signed up for the annual membership this year so the Spring 2020 was my first outfit formula. I was tired of never having the right clothes to our outfits together. I love that the outfit formulas include different options so I can find something that works for my body shape. I also love that accessories are included. I feel so put together. I’m looking g forward to finally being able to get out so people other than my kids can see my new outfits. The outfit formulas have definitely been a bright spot during a difficult time. And the Facebook group is great – so supportive. I’m so glad I did this.

  8. Janice

    Summer 2020 is my first season with GYPO Outfit Formulas but I’m hooked already! I love that Alison suggests items that are on trend but not so trendy as to not be appropriate for me in my mid-fifties. The shopping guide and links are fantastic, the outfit formulas are easy to wear with suggestions to dress them up for work if that’s what you need. I’m slowly getting to know the ladies in the private Facebook group and everyone is very supportive. All in all I’m very happy I decided to join! P.S. my hubby is loving my “new look”.

  9. Tünde Szekeres

    This is my third annual challlenge. I feel more confident in my appearance and get compliments on my outfits. I love knowing what to wear the next day and always feel pulled together. I wear all the pieces my closet and I love the way I can mix and match pieces. I really appreciate the comraderie and support from the Facebook group. Thank you, Alison!

  10. Lisa Grayson

    I just joined the outfit formulas this Spring and purchased the membership for the rest of the year after seeing how helpful it was. I love finding new ways to combine items already in my closet and learning to make smarter choices on new, useful pieces for the seasons. It has opened my eyes to options I wouldn’t have tried on my own and I look forward to fine-tuning my wardrobe as the year progresses. Thanks Alison!

  11. Liz Riendeau

    I have purchased an annual membership the past couple of years and I look forward to participating each year. The biggest benefit for me however is that through my participation my closet is filled with clothing that works together and is filled with items I love. I very much appreciate the effort that goes in to putting together the capsules!

  12. Mary Elizabeth Patnaude

    I love the way in which Alison reused many of the pieces from the spring 2020 capsule! I have been faithfully following the outfit formulas since fall 2018 and I have curated my closet to the point that I could have fully closet-shopped for the summer (but I bought a few things anyway because it’s so much fun)!

  13. Cyndy Patterson

    This will be my 4th season of Outfit Formulas. I am one of those that adapt the suggestions for the office and many of my co-workers have commented on my cute outfits. One co-worker noted that they were better but looked easy too. I have been able to continue wearing the items already in my closet but the outfits are better and I know what to buy to get more use out of those items. GYPO has definitely improved my confidence.

  14. Emily R.

    I have been doing these off and on for over 5 years. Love this concept, as after many years I finally love my clothes! Very happy to have the support of all these ladies in the fb group, we build each other up, encourage and are truly my style sisters! Thank you Alison for GYPO!

  15. Stacie Tinkey

    Alison and the GYPO gang have created the best environment for ladies to learn how to style their clothes and have fun doing it. The outpouring of support from the seasonal groups is amazing and is the best investment in me I have ever made.

  16. Kathy Duncan

    This is the best group I’ve belonged to. Not only do you get some wonderful fashion advice and tips you are encouraged to shop your closet and be yourself. Alison feels like a girlfriend who you can talk to about anything. I’ve done a few of the capsules and I’m always learning about myself. The support and encouragement I get from this group. I feel confident everyday getting dressed. The Summer 2020 capsule is my favorite so far!

  17. Michell Banda

    The Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe is a great investment for anyone that wants to refresh their style! I’ve been an annual member for two years and during that time I’ve been able to confidently put outfits together using the formulas that Alison has created. I love that Alison stresses to shop your closet first and that the outfits are appropriate and stylish for all ages and sizes. I don’t feel pressure to keep buying new pieces and instead am curating a closet full of pieces I love and that work well together. I highly recommend investing in yourself and buying the 2020 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Outfit Formulas!

  18. Maraline Freeman

    The brightest spot around! During the spring when things were closed down and the world practically came to a stop; many were fighting so many internal struggles… me included. The news was all overwhelming with Stay in place or home orders, social distancing, homeschooling the kids by internet. GYPO, Alison and the fb community shine brightly. The whole team and community is full of encouraging, supportive beautiful ladies that really care about the individual and not just fashion. A true community of friends. Thank you for being our light in the darkness! Much love going out across the web for you💗

  19. Kim

    This is my fifth capsule, and I’ve loved them all! It is definitely worth the money because you’ll save money by not buying pieces that you end up not wearing. I feel much more confident in my outfit choices. I’m older than most of my co-workers, and in the past, I worried about looking like the frumpy old lady of the group. No longer! I fit right in! Also, the Facebook group is a lot of fun. You’ll get great ideas plus everyone is super nice. It’s fun to start the day with several people telling you how great you look!

  20. Betsy Eubanks

    I consider myself “fashion challenged” but Outfit Formulas has been a total game changer for me! I have never enjoyed shopping for clothes, always unsure of what to buy, and come home with pieces that don’t make whole outfits and just hang in my closet. Since subscribing to Outfit Formulas this spring I’ve had the best shopping experiences and have even branched out into some online shopping. I feel much more confident that I know what pieces to look for and everything I have purchased I can wear in multiple ways which really stretches my clothing budget. And I get to wear outfits that I feel great in every day!

  21. Kathy

    I’ve never been so confident in my wardrobe as I have since I joined the Outfit Formulas! Now I dress with confidence knowing I am on trend. I’m also positive feeling good about myself through these challenges led me to lose 119lbs!

  22. lisa gismondi

    There is something about these capsules that is just magical! I anxiously await for my sneak peak and I feel like a kid at Christmas when I “unwrap” the official email that comes in the mail! And this season is no different. What I love most about this capsule is the way Alison was able to help us pretties stretch our dollars during this stressful time with picks from our own closets from past capsules and staple items we already own, sprinkling in a couple pieces that are trendy yet functional and also very affordable! The layering options in this really help too! I cant wait for day 1 to see everybody’s interpretation of the outfit formulas!

  23. Arlin

    I’ve been doing GYPO since last fall and signed up as an annual member this spring. I’m so glad I did! It is seriously the best part of my day to get an email telling me what to wear the next day. And best part of my year eagerly awaiting the new season capsule. All this from someone who always thought fashion was frivolous! It’s actually not if it makes you happy!

  24. Jill Hamilton

    Way back in high school I earned the “Best Dressed” superlative. Thirty-seven years later I would NOT receive the same award. My closet was full of random pieces picked up here and there by necessity since I hate to shop.

    Since joining Alison’s Spring and Summer 2020 challenge, I have been motivated to shop (online) and enjoyed getting back into style. Thank you for helping me out of my rut and inspiring me to even get dressed during these tumultuous Covid times.

  25. Sally Olson

    Another great capsule. No disappointment!! I have been an annual member for two years and I am definitely seeing the true value of being a part of multiple capsules. I could have easily shopped my closet for all the pieces and ended with great substitutions. But Alison and her team always find some great pieces, so I purchased a few to “freshen up” my wardrobe. I do have to substitute the shorts with either a pant or a skirt, but that is a fun challenge to do. I really appreciated Alison’s decision to reuse some pieces. But even with that said, the capsule feel fresh and fun! I always get great complements from the outfits. I continue to love getting up each morning knowing exactly what I will be wearing!!

  26. Rachel C

    I am absolutely loving the summer capsule. It is the perfect blend of comfortable and cute for warm weather, with some stylish options. I am finding my style and I like both–cute shorts and tee combos with stylish accessories and pretty details (you can look cute, put together and feel good in warm weather!), plus some more polished summer options for when we want to look a little more dressed up (skirts, breezy wide leg pants, wedge sandals, flowy kimono). The colors, style, and options are pure genius. Alison has done it again. She has made the perfect capsule wardrobe for this summer season. If you’re on the fence about joining, take the leap! You will be so glad you did!

  27. Renee

    I love the outfit formulas! It makes it easy to get dressed everyday and not feel frumpy. Don’t get me wrong I love my yoga pants, but I had gotten in to a rut wearing them all the time and not really feeling to good about myself. With these outfit formulas I can shop my closet and have cute outfits that make me feel put together. I also love that it takes me outside of my normal choices. Thank you!!

  28. Mona Mostow

    This is probably my favorite capsule I’ve done so far! I love the prints and all the color. It’s perfect.

  29. Mette Hundebøl

    I am new to the GYPO only just joined for spring 2020 and now summer 2020 but allready loving the concept so much

  30. Christine Dunham

    I have been an annual member for the past 3 years. Each new season I’m worried that there will be enough new inspiration as well as not requiring me to spend a lot of money to fully participate. I am never disappointed! Summer 2020 is the best season yet! Each season builds on the previous ones, so I can mostly shop my closet and just add a few trends or staples that need to be refreshed in my closet. It definitely helps me to organize my closet and know what to wear everyday.

  31. Joy

    Thank you Allison!! Today I wore a top that has been in my closet for 2 years! The Summer 2020 formulas gave me the confidence to style it and wear it for the first time!! I got so many compliments on the top throughout the day! Not only am I wearing my closet full of clothes but I’m wearing them with a new confidence!!

  32. Gena

    Once again Alison did not disappoint! This Summer capsule is full of such classic pieces that I was mostly able to “shop my closet” this time. And, the FB group has already given me ideas for substitutions for the few pieces that I don’t think work well for me! Can’t wait until the daily challenges start. 😊

  33. Amy


  34. Angela Blair

    I love the Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe! I was so excited when I saw the Summer Outfit Formulas. I like that I can shop my closet first for many of the outfit pieces, but I look forward to buying a few of the pieces that I did not have like the denim and floral shorts. All of the outfits are so cute! As always I know I will feel so put to together in style and will wear the outfits with confidence without having to second guess my own outfit choices.

  35. Glenda Alvarez


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  • 5 star review  Love love love love love!!! Did I mention LOVE! Alison, the FB group, the outfits!!! Perfection and so much fun. I have met the most amazing women! 💛 Signing up was the best decision I ever made!

    Natalie Norris Avatar Natalie Norris
    January 18, 2020

    positive review  I love get your Pretty on Style Challenge. It gives such great ideas for pairings of outfits I would never think about.

    Kate Howat Avatar Kate Howat
    January 8, 2020

    positive review  Today I received the sweetest compliment from one of my little sewing students. She said that I always have on the cutest outfits. Thanks GYPO for all the help. I love being challenged to try new things.

    Celeste Wiater Breen Avatar Celeste Wiater Breen
    January 7, 2020
  • positive review  I've been participating in the style challenges since almost the beginning and it's done so much for me. I have limited shopping options in my small town. The seasonal shopping list allows me to focus on exactly what I need to have a flexible and fashionable wardrobe. I love not having to figure this out for myself. The cost is equal to one item of clothing and I figure I easily save that much each season by only buying things I know coordinate and that I know I'll wear often. The outfits make getting dressed easy. And the Facebook group is an amazing resource for shopping, support and fun.

    Jennifer Sundberg Lynn Avatar Jennifer Sundberg Lynn
    January 6, 2020

    positive review  Winter 2019 was my first Style Challenge. 2 weeks in and I have already abandoned my yoga pants uniform for great coordinated outfits that I feel great in. No more guess work wondering if an outfit will work or not. The women in the group are a hidden gem, from positive support to creativity in their interpretations of the OOTD, they are amazing.

    Suzanne Oliver Gifford Avatar Suzanne Oliver Gifford
    January 6, 2020

    positive review  I have been struggling with my personal style for several years. I want to look professional but be comfortable and stylish. I have tried to copy Pinterest style but as a plus size woman couldn't always find a replica. Over the years I have amassed a LOT of clothes. In looking for a way to reduce my clothing I found Alison and Get Your Pretty On. In the short time that I have been following the style challenge I have been able to donate/sell some of my excess clothing AND look stylish and "finished". I love the fashion formulas and the supportive community that shares how they make it work. The best part is that the community is encouraged to "shop" their own closets and use what we have. I have found that when I am tempted to buy something that I check to see if it will work--and found I really don't need anything new! Thank you Alison. I ❤️GYPO!

    Melanie McShane Avatar Melanie McShane
    January 4, 2020
  • positive review  GYPO was the best thing I discovered this year! In my 20's I was a fashionista. But add in a few kids, a few dogs, homeownership and all the $$ and energy those eat up and well.. I found myself feeling frumpy and blah and having anxiety when clothes shopping. I signed up for the Winter wardrobe challenge and in the last few weeks have found gems in my closet and fun, on point outfit ideas I ordered ( for crazy cheap) and have been feeling young, sassy, and in style. Know how it feels right after you leave the hair salon? Yeah, like that! But everyday and for my whole appearance! ❤❤

    MJ Camp Avatar MJ Camp
    January 3, 2020

    positive review  I’ve been participating in the GYPO Style Challenges for three years now and I’ve loved it. I’ve always loved clothes, but I didn’t know how to put outfits together. My closet is now full of mix-and-match outfits, I have learned how to dress myself, and there is no more stress in figuring out to wear. The private FB group is full of wonderful ladies that build each other up. It’s so fun and is seriously the best group on FB.

    Kirstin Rasmussen McFarlane Avatar Kirstin Rasmussen McFarlane
    November 20, 2019

    positive review  Get Your Pretty On has changed my life, seriously. I have always chased what is trendy but found from season to season, that things go out of style and I was wasting money on items that I would only end up wearing a few times. GYPO has enabled me to simplify my closet, helps me make smarter purchasing decisions, and I feel so put together and confident using the outfit formulas that are provided. This program is a GAME CHANGER. I've been following GYPO for a few years now and my only regret is not jumping on board sooner.

    Michelle Kline Avatar Michelle Kline
    November 20, 2019





May 22nd: Registration opens. You will receive the capsule wardrobe shopping list and the complete Outfit Formulas™ immediately when you sign up, so you have time to go shopping and share your finds with others in the private Facebook group!

June 7th – July 9th: Outfit formula emails sent daily at 7pm ET. We style our first outfit together on June 8th!

July 11th – August 12th: Round 2 of outfits. Wear the outfits again starting back at Day 1, swap in a different piece from your closet, or style something entirely different. It’s up to you! Whatever you decide be sure to share your outfit photo in our private Facebook group.





Yes, Summer 2020 is included!  Your 2020 Seasonal or Combination Annual Membership starts with Spring 2020 and doesn’t end until Winter 2020!  It contains all four seasonal (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) Outfit Formulas™ Capsule Wardrobes released in 2020.




Annual members will have full access immediately on Thursday, May 21st.  Seasonal members will have full access starting on Friday, May 22nd.

The daily outfit idea emails will be sent out at 7pm ET from June 7th to July 9th.  We style the first outfit together in our private Facebook group on June 8th. You can wait to style your outfits until you receive the daily emails, or style them on your own at any time!





This is considered a casual capsule however many of these outfits can be easily dressed up for an office environment. We even provide tips on how to dress them up or down!





Yes!  It really does.  We include pieces on the shopping list that work for everyone from petites to tall fit as well as plus sizes. Our participants vary in age from early 30’s to late 60’s, most are over 40.





This number varies according to how many previous seasons you’ve participated in and what you already have in your closet.  You’re free to shop where you want and spend as much or as little as you want. We recommend that you shop your closet first, then fill in the gaps on your list at your favorite stores.  You can even set a budget to work within.

Most women find that they actually spend LESS on clothing after participating in a few seasons of Outfit Formulas™!





Yes!  We want you to always get the most bang for your shopping buck so all of our seasonal capsule wardrobes build on each other.  Our goal is that you should have to do less shopping each round.  After a few Outfit Formulas™ seasons some women are almost able to fully shop their closets!





We include everything from Target to Nordstrom on the shopping list to accommodate all budgets.





Yes, we provide the link to the actual items used in each outfit image.  In some cases, these items may be sold out however we leave the link in place as retailers do restock from time to time. If the pictured item is not available there are plenty of similar alternatives available to choose from in our recommended shopping links database.





Absolutely, we actually encourage this!  We make it as easy as possible to choose your own color palette by providing color coordination rules for each piece on the list.  As long as you follow the rules, your pieces will coordinate!  Many women “go rogue” and choose the colors that work best for them.

We also provide color palette alternatives and a handy choosing your color resource guide with each capsule wardrobe!





This capsule wardrobe includes 16 pieces from the Closet Staples Casual Capsule Wardrobe Builder, so you’ll get to reuse them if you’ve already purchased it.  However, starting with this seasonal Outfit Formulas™ capsule wardrobe will give you tons of support and ideas from the Facebook group.





You’ll receive full access to the daily outfit formulas right away, along with the Style Challenges Summer 2019 Capsule Wardrobe bonus!

We have included a behind the scenes video of The Making of the Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe! This exclusive bonus content will only be available to Pretties who purchased the 2020 Annual Memberships.





Unfortunately, no refunds are available for the Outfit Formulas™ Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe as you will have access to the full program materials immediately upon sign up.





If you have taken any of the other Outfit Formulas™ (previously Style Challenges) or have signed up for the free closet staples shopping list, you will receive an email notification when the next capsule wardrobe launches. If you’re not already on the mailing list, you can subscribe here to get notified or like our page on Facebook – we always announce new Outfit Formulas™ there, too!





Check out our FAQ page! If you can’t find the answer there please contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.



With the Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe, you’ll enjoy pairing up closet staples and seasonal trends to curate an entire season’s worth of casual daily outfits.