How to Adapt Summer Outfits for More Coverage

Here at Outfit Formulas®, we believe that every woman deserves to love their wardrobe, and should feel comfortable in what they are wearing! One of the top questions we get in our Outfit Formulas® Closet Crew Community is how to put together summer outfits that help you stay cool in the summer when you prefer to be more covered over showing bare skin.

Whether you like tank tops and shorts in the summer, or something with a little more coverage, our Outfit Formulas® will work for you! See how we take one summer outfit idea from our Summer 2022 Capsule Wardrobe and adapt it for different levels of coverage:

Outfit Idea: Patterned Top + Denim Bottoms + Neutral Shoes

Light Coverage:

We style a patterned, sleeveless blouse with distressed denim shorts, paired with neutral sandals. You can choose your favorite length shorts to go with this look.

Medium Coverage:

summer outfit ideas for medium coverage: light blouse, denim shorts, and sandals with a lightweight kimono

Take the original look and add a solid color, lightweight kimono or cardigan to cover your arms. Perfect for being in an airconditioned space when you get chilly!

Full Coverage:

summer outfits for full coverage: long sleeve pattern top with denim jeans and sandals

With a patterned top, lightweight kimono, swap the shorts for pants to fully cover your legs. You can also use a cropped pant, if it’s too hot!

More Inspiration for Summer Outfits:

If you prefer a short or long-sleeved top instead of a sleeveless, here’s a few more summer outfit ideas adapted for more coverage: 

About Outfit Formulas®

Much like combining the ingredients from a recipe to create a meal, an Outfit Formula is a combination of pieces to create a complete look. It’s like meal planning for your closet! The beauty of an Outfit Formula® is that you can make it your own by shopping your closet and filling in any gaps by looking for similar pieces at your favorite stores. 

If you love these looks, then we know you’ll love the Outfit Formulas® Summer 2022 Capsule Wardrobe! This guide is your key to effortlessly chic summer style, and includes 30+ days of easy, casual outfit ideas that can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. You’ll also get a shopping list of essential items and on-trend pieces that are perfect for summer. So whether you’re hitting the beach, going out with friends, or just want to feel confident in your everyday style, this guide has you covered!

July 8, 2022
by outfitformulas

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