Closet Crew Spotlight: Sunny

Sunny has been an invaluable member of the Outfit Formulas® Closet Crew!

We asked her a few questions about her experience since joining our community — and we just couldn’t help but be moved by her passionate appreciation!

Q: Before Outfit Formulas®, how did you feel about your closet? What problem(s) were you trying to solve?
A: Before Outfit Formulas, I didn’t know how to dress my own body and I never stepped out of my comfort zone. My closet was over flowing with clothing that was no longer in trend. I was still holding onto the past. I tried Outfit Formulas because I wanted to dress more trendy without spending so much time and money buying and styling outfits.
Q: What was one unexpected benefit you experienced as an Outfit Formulas® member?
A: I get so many compliments from other people and even get asked to help them choose the right colors for themselves.
Q: Before Outfit Formulas®, how did you feel about getting dressed in the mornings?
A: Without much fashion sense, getting dressed in the morning was a bit stressful and I would stare into my closet and agonize about what to wear.
Q: Since discovering Outfit Formulas®, how do you feel about your closet?
A: Since I discovered Outfit Formulas, I have reduced SO much clutter and no longer struggle with decision fatigue. My closet is neat and organized!
Q: What’s the main reason you recommend Outfit Formulas® to others?
A: Sustainability! Outfit Formulas help us to buy less and reduce our clothing waste. It’s easy to read, so your customers and users will appreciate you making it easy for them to decide whether this email is relevant to them.
You can get started on your style transformation and join Outfit Formulas® with Sunny and many more members now when you sign up for the Spring 2023 Capsule Wardrobe! Includes 30+ days of mix and match trends perfectly paired with closet staples, an easy shopping list with online directory, daily outfit ideas and printable outfit calendar. It’s like meal planning for your closet! We can’t wait for your to join us.
March 13, 2023
by outfitformulas

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