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Spring 2022 Capsule Wardrobe

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Finally! A ridiculously affordable way to have your own personal stylist. Bring the world-renowned stylist, Alison Lumbatis, into your closet to help you build an on-trend capsule wardrobe of stylish and versatile spring clothes that YOU love but just aren’t sure how to put together on your own – all for only $39!

The Outfit Formulas® Spring 2022 Capsule Wardrobe guide includes 30+ days of casual outfit ideas with “dress it up” and “dress it down” tips so that these looks work for every lifestyle! You also get an easy-to-follow shopping list of budget-friendly classic essentials and on-trend items, including accessories!

From brunch with friends to running errands around town, the Outfit Formulas® Spring 2022 Capsule Wardrobe has got you covered! This go-to edit of easy outfits will have you feeling confident all season long.



Designed for any size, age, or budget, Outfit Formulas® are guaranteed to be perfect for YOU


Includes 30+ coordinating tops, bottoms, shoes & accessories



No more wondering what to wear! Get the most out of your new closet with our daily outfit calendar.


one time purchase
  • easy shopping list – you’ll know exactly what pieces you’ll need
  • robust shopping directory – we’ve done the searching for you, just hit add to cart!
  • daily outfit guide – follow the formula to create looks you’ll love
  • exclusive membership site access – featuring all the resources you need to succeed!
  • members-only private community – join thousands of women on a journey to style confidence
  • weekly giveaways – a chance to win a gift card you can use to curate your wardrobe
  • Step 1: Download The Guide Log in to your portal, and get started! Review your shopping list and daily outfit guide to discover the pieces included in your capsule wardrobe and how they are styled. Your guide includes helpful information on how to make substitutions, color coordination rules, identifying closet staples, and more!
  • Step 2: Curate Your Closet Check off your shopping list by shopping your closet, then fill in any gaps by using our helpful online directory or head to your favorite retailer.
  • Step 3: Style Your Outfits Now that your pieces are in place it’s time to style your daily outfits, created using the pieces from your shopping list. Every night you’ll get an email telling you exactly what to wear tomorrow — getting dressed will be the easiest thing you’ll do all day!
  • I’M AFRAID I’LL HAVE TO SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON CLOTHES TO MAKE THIS WORK. Outfit Formulas® encourages you to shop your closet first (saving you time and money) and then fill in any gaps at your favorite retailer. You’ll be able to curate your capsule wardrobe on any budget. Our members shop everywhere from thrift stores and Walmart to Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. We are intentional about reusing closet staple pieces so after a few seasons of Outfit Formulas® you’ll have most of your basics in place and just need to add in seasonal trends as you like.
  • I HAVE DOUBTS THIS WILL WORK FOR MY AGE/SIZE/BODY SHAPE. Outfit Formulas® are designed to work for everybody and every body! Our members include women of every age and stage of life. Most of our members are between the ages of 35-65 and range from size 0 to plus sizes, including petite and tall fit. We even provide links to shop for every fit and size on our membership site.
  • I DON’T LIKE WEARING <INSERT CLOTHING ITEM> SO I CAN’T DO THIS. Not a fan of skinny jeans, sleeveless tops, shorts, heels? No problem! Outfit Formulas® provide you with a formula to follow, rather than a specific article of clothing, which means you have the final say of the cut, style, and color for each and every item. You can follow our recommendations to a tee or get creative with your own unique style. The choice is yours.
  • ARE THESE ALL CASUAL OUTFITS OR CAN I WEAR THEM FOR WORK TOO? This is considered a casual capsule however many of these outfits can be easily dressed up for an office environment. We even provide tips on how to dress them up or down!
  • DO YOU PROVIDE THE LINKS FOR THE ACTUAL PIECES PICTURED? Yes, we provide the link to the actual items used in each outfit image. In some cases, these items may be sold out. If that happens, there are plenty of similar alternatives available to choose from.
  • I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Check out our FAQ page! If you can’t find the answer there please contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Easily create stylish outfits that fit your body and budget this SPRING.

Order your spring capsule wardrobe guide today!


  • sEver felt like fashion wasn’t meant for you?
  • sDo you stare at your closet full of clothes but have no idea what goes together?
  • s Have fashion blogs or magazines just left you feeling more overwhelmed and inadequate?
  • sBy the time you get done scrolling through social media do you ever just feel worse about yourself and your wardrobe?



In three simple steps, build a wardrobe you love.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive logins to your Outfit Formulas® portal, where you can easily access your winter Capsule Wardrobe guides, including the shopping list, daily outfit calendars and many more resources!




Over 100,000 members around the world have signed up for the life-changing Outfit Formulas®, empowering them to organize their closets, make better shopping choices and build functional, fashionable capsule wardrobes.


Easily create stylish outfits that fit your body and budget all spring long.

Meet the stylist

Hi! I’m Alison Lumbatis, a mom of 3 kids and a former yoga pants addict. A few years ago, I hated shopping and was overwhelmed with the pressure of looking like the women in my Instagram feed with perfectly planned outfits (seriously, how could they afford it?!)

After months of working from home I slipped into a ‘yoga pants rut’ and found myself spiraling into a depression. I wasn’t happy, and it showed. The worst part was, how I felt about myself was affecting my relationship with my kids and husband, too.

I knew I had to make a change.

But how? Where to start?

I got dressed. Every day.

This small adjustment to my routine changed everything for me. Over time I built a solid foundation of closet staples that I wore the most, and added a few trendy items each season. At this point in my wardrobe (and life) overhaul, I’d never felt more confident in myself and my style. That’s how I created Outfit Formulas®.

I look forward to having you join me on a style journey this spring!

xoxo, Alison

Easily create stylish outfits that fit your body and budget this spring.

Order your spring capsule wardrobe guide today!

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  • Avatar

    Amanda L.

    I love outfit Formulas!!

    I was skeptical when I saw the cost of an annual membership, but decided to splurge anyway and give it a chance. We are only in the middle of the Spring 2022 capsule (my first seasonal) and so far and I already feel it’s the best money I’ve spent on myself. I love the convenience of links to help you shop, but love even more that shopping your closet first is encouraged. The outfit formulas are beautiful and stylish and I love that I can still make them my own. I have never been good at knowing what goes together, so having so many suggestions is extremely helpful. I have never felt so good about myself in all of my 42 years. I will be a member for life!

    April 22, 2022
  • Avatar

    Kayla Harris


    I’m a SAHM who doesn’t know how to dress herself! I’ve gotten out of my leggings and hoodies and stepped into a plethora of options thanks to outfit formulas! You can take they styles and create your own! Don’t like the shirt? That’s okay! Find one that fits YOU and YOUR style!

    April 14, 2022
  • Avatar


    I finally look forward to getting dressed every morning

    I have never been into fashion, and my wardrobe has mainly consisted of black, blue, white, and gray.

    I’ve been a SAHM for a year now, and I started to wear leggings way too much.

    I splurged and bought a bunch of new items from the spring wardrobe, and I’m so happy I did.

    Getting dressed is no longer something I dread in the morning.

    My 7-year-old daughter used to be my stylist, so she is a little upset that she can’t pick out my clothes anymore, but she loves when I wear different outfits. She was so excited I had a skirt on today she decided to wear a dress with a flower print to match me.

    April 7, 2022
  • Avatar



    While I usually like the capsule wardrobes and how easy they make getting dressed each day, I’m not as excited about this Spring one. There are some cute outfits, but I’d really love to see more than just jeans… As an early years teacher, I can dress a bit more casually, but there are so many other cute options out there right now for pants besides jeans. I probably won’t use this capsule as much as I did the fall one.

    March 31, 2022
  • Avatar

    Jackie Brandt

    End decision fatigue

    There are so many things we have to figure out each day – don’t waste another moment of willpower on deciding what to wear each day! This outfit formula will ensure that you look put together and stay comfortable for the spring season!

    March 30, 2022
  • Avatar

    Julie purcell


    Love every minute of the capsule. Learning SO much. Pure joy.

    March 29, 2022

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