Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

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Join stylist Alison Lumbatis and for just $39 $29 build an on trend capsule wardrobe of stylish and versatile spring clothes you love!  It’s the affordable way to have your own personal stylist.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a shopping list of on trend spring essentials, including accessories. Get 31 days of casual outfit ideas PLUS “dress it up” and “dress it down” options to adjust each outfit for every spring event on your calendar! You get your shopping list and all 31 days of outfit ideas immediately upon sign up.

As a special bonus, you’ll also receive access to the Style Challenges Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe, doubling your outfit ideas! You can shop your closet, save money and have more styling options.



Designed for any size, age, or budget, Outfit Formulas® are guaranteed to be perfect for YOU



Includes 31+ coordinating tops, bottoms, shoes & accessories



No more wondering what to wear! Get the most out of your new closet with our daily outfit calendar.



Receive access to the Style Challenges Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe and double your outfit ideas!


Resources to select your best colors for the Spring capsule wardrobe palette.


See all 31 outfit ideas at a glance in our one page outfit calendar for Round 1 and Round 2.


I’m on a mission to make personal style accessible to every woman. Through Outfit Formulas™, I’ve created an affordable personal style program that gives you everything you need to build a capsule wardrobe you’ll love. As a mom of three and recovering yoga pants addict, I know how hard it can be to get dressed on a daily basis. The Outfit Formulas® Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe makes getting dressed and being on trend the easiest thing you’ll do all day!


Alison Lumbatis




A printable list of the classic pieces and on-trend updates you need for a basic versatile wardrobe, with links to pieces you can buy.


Ask all of your style questions and learn more about trends, tips and tricks in Alison’s seasonal Q&A in the private Facebook group. 


Suggested combinations of the pieces on your shopping list emailed to you every day to give you ideas and inspiration. No more wondering what to wear!


We focus on giving you the best lifestyle & wardrobe inspiration through our blogs. You’ll have access to discount codes and freebies, too!


Swap tips, share ideas, make new friends and get feedback from other women using the seasonal Outfit Formulas™ in our active (private) Facebook group.


Yep! We love to give away free stuff. When you join the private seasonal Facebook Group, you’ll have access to weekly contests and giveaways!

35 reviews for Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Emily

    The Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe was my very first purchase with GYPO and I am SO HAPPY I decided to purchase it! The private Facebook group I was invited to join when I became a member has been one of the most encouraging groups I have ever been part of! Allison and her team did a wonderful job of choosing fun pieces, along with shopping links to a wide variety of stores, and they even suggest substitutions if there is a style or color that just doesn’t work for you. GYPO Outfit Formulas are well worth the investment. My confidence has increased so much and I actually look forward to getting dressed and “pretty” for the day!

  2. Kelly

    This is my 5th or 6th challenge and I am so happy I decided to start. I love my clothes and my look now. It’s so easy to look put together and feel good. Even in my comfy clothes I look cute!

  3. Maria C

    This is my 6th capsule from Alison and GYPO. I love this Outfit Formulas and the previous ones as well! So helpful in deciding what to wear and can match your style, climate and personal preferences. Highly recommend!

  4. Jannie DesRosiersBerman

    Like so many other reviewers, I had plenty of clothes, but no real style or “look.” Many of my clothes were too big, but I didn’t know where to shop or even how clothes should fit. In retrospect, I see that I was relying on a very narrow color palette – and I’m not even sure I was wearing clothes that flattered my coloring or shape. Running across GYPO in a random search for “teacher outfits” changed how I look – and thanks to Alison’s extra content – in many ways, changed how I interact with others. I have made so many wonderful friends in this online community – and I am grateful every day that I found GYPO. Get Your Pretty On is style and so much more!

  5. Gay B

    I’ve participating in a few of the style challenge/outfit formulas and have always gotten compliments on how I look when I wear an outfit. I’ve never really known how to put an outfit together, but I have learned so much! The Spring 2020 Outfit formula has been a godsend in these strange times of staying home. The Facebook community is the MOST supportive community I’ve found. This has really changed how I feel about myself and the clothes that I wear.

  6. Heather Davison

    The Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe is amazing! Each piece is fresh and fun. As always, the possibilities to mix and match are endless.

  7. Jennifer R Burden

    I have really enjoyed this capsule! I only started joining in capsules in Fall 2019. I had never really had a “seasonal” wardrobe before, but had gained weight and needed to purchase some new wardrobe pieces. The idea of a capsule wardrobe appealed to me because it meant purchasing fewer pieces that would all make multiple outfits. Allison does all the hard work of planning, I just have to do the shopping. She even includes shopping links to make shopping easier! Participating in the Fall ’19 and Winter ’19 Outfit Formulas capsules was so fun, I signed up for a year membership for 2020. This first capsule, Spring ’20 has been my favorite yet! I purchased a few spring tops and a couple of pairs of new slip-ons (never wore before Allison’s capsules, now I am hooked!), but the rest was from my closet. I look forward to getting dressed each day! Thank you, Allison!

  8. Aimee Chappell

    Love this collection! Feels classic and fresh.

  9. Gabriella B.

    If you haven’t already bought this capsule, trust me when I say you’ll have FOMO! I almost skipped this season to join in a later one but decided to give it a go. It’s taken first place as my all time favorite seasonal capsule! The looks are fresh, pretty and timeless! You won’t regret it!

  10. Cheryl L Schwartz

    This is my first year as a member. Without a doubt one of the best investments I have ever made! I wish I had done this years sooner. Like many people, I lost my sense of style and couldn’t get back on track. Not only does the capsule show me how to mix different pieces of clothing and shoes in an incredibly stylish way, but by following the shopping list I have saved a TON of money not buying unnecessary things. I am using the clothes I already had and mixing them with new pieces. I am getting so much more wear out of clothes I already had, and I look GREAT! I’m always amazed at how well the outfits go together. If I substitute a different top or pants, I always look to the way the daily outfits are put together to make it look fabulous. I also love that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, the outfits look amazing on everyone. Thank you, Alison, for giving me back the self-confidence in how I look!

  11. Sharon

    This capsule is so pretty! I love the soft, feminine color palette.

  12. Elena Machado

    Before finding GYPO and Alison, I had no sense of personal style. I would buy clothing items at random, usually for an upcoming event and then I’d be left with tons of pieces that weren’t functional and didn’t co-ordinate with each other. I started following the GYPO Instagram account and subscribed to the newsletter. Fast forward to now, I have purchased the Annual Capsule Wardrobe and am starting with Spring 2020. THIS HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING. I no longer have to question what to wear with what and I know no matter what I choose, I will be comfortable and stylish – who would have thought! I have a new found confidence in myself and my appearance that I never had, and have gone out of my comfort zone and felt great doing it. Thank you Alison for this awesome program!

  13. Karen

    This was my first Outfit Formula and I loved it. I recently had to make a very quick and unexpected trip and it was so easy to grab a few items and know I had 7 days of mix and match outfits. This has really helped me wear items more often, but have a completely different look. A great value with huge benefits.

  14. Kathy

    Alison, I am not sure what to say…I recently retired after working for over 40 years and so appreciate the 2020 Spring group. I wore uniforms during work so I have been out of the fashion sense and didn’t know where to start. So, I say thank you Alison for the “Outfit Formulas” you have put together. This has helped me so much!!!!

  15. Rachel

    I absolutely love the spring 2020 capsule wardrobe! The outfits are fresh, light, beautiful and work for all shapes, sizes, ages. You can follow the prompt or you can adapt it and make it your own. So many basics are incorporated (which I love) and modern trends are mixed in (which I also love). This is my favorite capsule so far and I have been part of the seasonal outfit formulas since last spring. Each capsule has been wonderful but this one is my favorite. The colors and styles are so pretty and I simply love how Alison styled this one!

  16. Janet Miller

    This was my first experience with Alison and GYPO and I loved it! I am very happy with my style, but I always love getting fresh new ideas for outfits, especially when I can use similar pieces I already have in my closet. Having these outfit formulas is literally the only reason I haven’t been wearing the same pair of pajamas the entire month. 😆 I LOVE pajamas but the formulas made getting dressed more fun while I was working from home and seeing no one. I’d recommend this not just for people who want style help, but also for people who want a little style inspiration! I also loved the daily tips👍🏼

  17. Deborah

    I just love all the outfits in this Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe. This is my fifth year and I’ve never gotten board with any of the ideas or selections in outfits Alison puts together. She just keeps things fresh and each year they seem to get better and better. She makes it so easy to just pick right out of my closet and put together a great outfit for whatever the occasion.

  18. Amy

    Spring is my favorite and probably one of the easiest to adapt to my area’s weather and my plans. I work in a business casual place but most of the casual outfits can be easily adapted to my needs. With this year being under a pandemic and shelter at home order, I could shop my closet with ease and make appropriate substitutions since I couldn’t go shopping much.

  19. Amy

    I always love spring but this year was probably my favorite so far. With the Corona virus pandemic it really encouraged me to shop my closet. I love seeing the other members in our group and how they interpret to formula prompt. I like how no matter where you are in the country (and weather), the formula can be adapted to your situation, plans for the day and taste.

  20. Tammy Hammer

    I started the outfit formulas at the beginning of 2019, what a difference it has made in how I feel. My offices are off to the side of my house and I had gotten pretty bad about what I wore. Now with doing the outfit formulas I look and feel much better. I also had a closet full of clothes and never knew what to wear. I have since paired down my closet and jewelry, and it is so much easier getting ready and feeling good.

  21. Shannon Wells

    This is my favorite capsule/formulas so far! In our crazy environment, getting dressed in a stylish manner and sharing with the other Pretties in the private Facebook group has been a highlight. I am genuinely excited to share my outfits and see all the creative ways the others are styling their outfits. Everyone is so supportive and positive, I truly am inspired each day to get dressed. Such a blessing during these trying times.

  22. Julie

    This is my second wardrobe capsule from GYPO and I love it! It is very versatile and I look forward to getting dressed every day. A few of the items were outside of my normal “style” but I ended up loving those pieces the most! Thanks, Alison!

  23. Lari

    Loving the ideas for Spring this year. Because this is my second annual membership, I have a great basic wardrobe now. I love the ideas Alison gives for adding finishing touches and a new trend to the basics I already own.

  24. Shannon

    I adore Alison – her style, her openness, and these capsule wardrobes. I have been using her outfit formulas since 2017 and they have helped me so much! They help me know what to buy (saving money) to ensure that I always have a great wardrobe at the ready. I feel like my style is so much more refined now, that I don’t need the outfit formulas anymore, but I keep coming back time and time again, because I love the camaraderie of the group and I love staying on trend in a way that works for me.

  25. Natalie Bradshaw

    Once again, Alison and GYPO have taken getting dressed in the morning from being a struggle to being fun and easy. Thank you!

  26. Rachel

    The Outfit Formulas have helped me save money, take the stress out of deciding what to wear each day, and nudged me out of my comfort zone with colors/patterns. I have always loved to shop but I would end up with a closet stuffed with tops, bottoms, and shoes that didn’t go together. I always felt that I didn’t have anything to wear.
    I’ve been a member of the Outfit Formulas for several years. I now have solid foundation of pieces for every season and activity—from church, every day, and date nights. With each new Outfit Formula I now just buy a handful of new things to try new trends or colors.
    I love that I get to choose where to shop, the price point, and the style of each clothing/accessory recommendation that works best for me. The Outfit Formula members aren’t all wearing the same thing. Alison inspires you with suggestions for each season and you choose what to buy and from which store.
    Also, I love the outfit formula calendars. Alison shows ways to combine the pieces every day. I use it daily! But I also love that I can mix and match so many pieces in my closet easily if a suggested outfit would be too cold or warm for a particular day’s weather.
    Lastly, the annual membership is the absolute best deal.
    Thank you, Alison!

  27. Patricia

    I have been doing Alison’s capsules for several years now. She has great style and lots of options available for clothing to pick or reuse from your closet. Doing these capsules have saved me time and money. Plus the Facebook group is such a positive, supportive place for everyone to share their creativity. Thank you Alison!

  28. Tünde Szekeres

    This is my third annual challenge. I was hooked after I did a seasonal spring challenge four years ago. I especially love the spring capsule. I updated my wardrobe with my first challenge and felt the best about my appearance in years. When I retired I received a fashion charm as part of my gifts! I especially appreciate the outfit challenge during this time of physical distancing. Being a part of the FB group bring connections and support during the good times and challenges. I look forward to my outfits everyday and looking fashionable helps elevate the mood. Thank you.

  29. Tiffany

    These outfit formulas have simplified my morning routine. I was able to “shop” my closet for most of the pieces. I love the daily outfit emails. When I get the message, I go ahead and lay out my clothes for the next day! I also like the dress it up feature. This has helped me put together outfits on days when I need to be more dressed up for work video conferences! Thanks again and I look forward for what you have to offer for Summer!

  30. Nicole Kostelc

    This capsule is everything!! After completing Outfit Formulas for a year, I’ve learned that 1) you have to try new things because you just never know what works 2) you can shop your closet and it’s actual a lot of fun 3) you can substitute and make an outfit yours and that’s the beauty of this whole concept. I’m in love with this color palate and how it all paired together COVID-19 be darned…I’m still getting dressed most days and bringing some normalcy to my life and it’s changed my perspective. Thanks Alison , for another great capsule. Can’t wait for summer.

  31. Michelle Miller

    Alison makes getting dressed every day easy and fun! She encourages you to shop your closet first and then provides shopping recommendations in a range of prices. The Facebook group is so encouraging and also provides fabulous ideas for variation and substitutions. So happy I took the leap and signed up!

  32. Teresa Feller

    Loving this Spring Outfit Formula!! It gives me the confidence to feel my best every day and the motivation to get dressed every day (even the days I just stay home!!). Can’t say enough good about it.

  33. Megan Majernik

    I love these capsules!

  34. Charissa

    I’ve been doing the style challenges/outfit formulas for a couple of years now. I love how they have simplified my life and reduced my stress. I feel confident in my clothes and in my purchases without too much stress, and I can choose how much to spend on clothes more strategically.

  35. LIsa

    Life changing!

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  • positive review  Can't recommend GYPO enough! I LOVE the Outfit Formulas. Alison makes it so easy to get dressed and build a classic but fun wardrobe. I am an annual member and can't wait each season for the capsule to come out! The GYPO community is so positive and supportive too.

    Jessica Feuz Kern Avatar Jessica Feuz Kern
    July 1, 2020

    positive review  I feel so much more out together now! One of my friends even commented that I inspire her to dress up because I am always so "put together". This was never me before. I never knew how to dress and have never been fashion-conscious. GYPO makes it so easy and simple!

    Asia Brownlee Avatar Asia Brownlee
    July 1, 2020

    positive review  I have been following this page, and two groups for almost a year now. It has changed so much of how I dress and the confidence I feel. It has cleaned up my closet and I love almost everything in it. Still working on tweaking to make everything a heck yes!

    Sheri Stimax Avatar Sheri Stimax
    June 30, 2020
  • positive review  I've been with GYPO for a few years now and it's a GAME CHANGER! Alison has done so much work to ensure every person and body is included in each challenge. I've learned to shop smart - keep only the "heck yes" pieces - and stay more organized. The days of spending an hour and changing 5 times in the mornings are OVER. This community is so uplifting and supportive and I cherish it every day.

    Audrey Frizzell Avatar Audrey Frizzell
    June 25, 2020

    positive review  I love Outfit Formulas! I am a year postpartum and this was just the pep in my step that I needed. It actually SAVES me money, keeps me looking put together while still comfy enough to play with my kids. Outfit Formulas is for everyone!

    Jennifer Hoffman Avatar Jennifer Hoffman
    June 25, 2020

    positive review  Such a supportive and creative community! I’m a little addicted to be honest. Also, I’m saving a ton by shopping my closet and discovering why I bought half the stuff I own but never wear. I NEVER understood the joys of pattern mixing until now. Thank you Alison!

    Julie Johnson Avatar Julie Johnson
    June 17, 2020
  • positive review  I always think before I make a purchase now and I'm saving money in the process! thanks gypo community!

    Debra Barrios Jonietz Avatar Debra Barrios Jonietz
    April 27, 2020

    positive review  Get Your Pretty On has helped me so much! I am mom of a kindergarten, I have a chronic pain condition and I work from home - talk about a yoga pants rut! Within the past year, I’ve built a capsule wardrobe of “heck yes” pieces that mix and match so well. I’m on trend and within budget. The GYPO community is the most uplifting, positive group of women who build each other up and give honest, gentle feedback. It’s fun to get dressed again and I feel great in my clothes. Whatever size, Alison teaches you how to dress the body you have. She offers choices at every price point and teaches you how to shop your closet first. There is a variety of color palettes to work with your coloring.

    Nicole Hodge Pittaluga Avatar Nicole Hodge Pittaluga
    April 17, 2020

    positive review  This has been so helpful to me! As a busy, homeschool mom of four, I don’t have a lot of time to think about fashion. I do appreciate feeling put together, though! With Get Your Pretty On, all of the hard work has already been done for me, so I can focus on other things!

    Amanda Bare Avatar Amanda Bare
    April 17, 2020





March 13th: Registration opens. You will receive the capsule wardrobe shopping list and the complete outfit formulas immediately when you sign up, so you have time to go shopping and share your finds with others in the private Facebook group!

March 29th – April 28th: Outfit idea emails sent daily at 7pm ET. We style our first outfit together on March 30th!

April 30th – May 30th: Round 2 of outfits. Wear the outfits again starting back at Day 1, swap in a different piece from your closet, or style something entirely different. It’s up to you! Whatever you decide be sure to share your outfit photo in our private Facebook group.





Yes, Spring 2020 is included!  Your 2020 Seasonal or Combination Annual Membership starts with Spring 2020 and doesn’t end until Winter 2020!  It contains all four seasonal Outfit Formula Capsule Wardrobes released in 2020.





Annual members will have full access immediately on Thursday, March 12th.  Seasonal members will have full access starting on Friday, March 13th.

The daily outfit idea emails will be sent out at 7pm ET from March 29th – April 28th.  We style the first outfit together in our private Facebook group on March 30th. You can wait to style your outfits until you receive the daily emails, or style them on your own at any time!





This is considered a casual capsule however many of these outfits can be easily dressed up for an office environment. We even provide tips on how to dress them up or down!





Yes!  It really does.  We include pieces on the shopping list that work for everyone from petites to tall fit as well as plus sizes. Our participants vary in age from early 30’s to late 60’s, most are over 40.





This number varies according to how many previous seasons you’ve participated in and what you already have in your closet.  You’re free to shop where you want and spend as much or as little as you want. We recommend that you shop your closet first, then fill in the gaps on your list at your favorite stores.  You can even set a budget to work within.

Most women find that they actually spend LESS on clothing after participating in a few seasons of Outfit Formulas!





Yes!  We want you to always get the most bang for your shopping buck so all of our seasonal capsule wardrobes build on each other.  Our goal is that you should have to do less shopping each round.  After a few Outfit Formulas seasons some women are almost able to fully shop their closets!





We include everything from Target to Nordstrom on the shopping list to accommodate all budgets.





Yes, we provide the link to the actual items used in each outfit image.  In some cases, these items may be sold out.  If that happens, there are plenty of similar alternatives available to choose from.





Absolutely, we actually encourage this!  We make it as easy as possible to choose your own color palette by providing color coordination rules for each piece on the list.  As long as you follow the rules, your pieces will coordinate!  Many women “go rogue” and choose the colors that work best for them.

We also provide color palette alternatives and a handy choosing your color resource guide with each capsule wardrobe!





This capsule wardrobe includes 18 pieces from the Closet Staples Casual Capsule Wardrobe Builder, so you’ll get to reuse them if you’ve already purchased it.  However, starting with this seasonal Outfit Formulas capsule wardrobe will give you tons of support and ideas from the Facebook group.





You’ll receive full access to the outfit ideas right away, along with the Style Challenges Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe bonus!

We have included a behind the scenes video of The Making of the Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe! This exclusive bonus content will only be available to Pretties who purchased the 2020 Annual Memberships.





Unfortunately, no refunds are available for the Outfit Formulas Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe as you will have access to the full program materials immediately upon sign up.





If you have taken any of the other Outfit Formulas (previously Style Challenges) or have signed up for the free closet staples shopping list, you will receive an email notification when the next capsule wardrobe launches. If you’re not already on the mailing list, you can subscribe here to get notified or like our page on Facebook – we always announce new Outfit Formulas there, too!





Check out our FAQ page! If you can’t find the answer there please contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.



With the Spring 2020 Capsule Wardrobe, you’ll enjoy pairing up closet staples and seasonal trends to curate an entire season’s worth of casual daily outfits.