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Slay At Home Casual Outfit Guide

Make the most of your wardrobe with the new Outfit Formulas® Slay At Home Casual Outfit Guide! This convenient capsule wardrobe building guide offers a range of casual closet staples that are easy to pair and wear. You’ll find an easy shopping list (with an online shopping directory) daily outfit ideas, and a 1-page printable guide – everything you need for effortlessly stylish looks to slay at home day after day! With Outfit Formulas®, you can create looks quickly and confidently without breaking the bank or wasting time in front of a mirror. Invest in yourself today with the Slay At Home Casual Outfit Guide from Outfit Formulas®!


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Stress-Free Shopping List


Time-Saving Outfit Ideas


Confident Style for Every Body & Budget

what’s included?

Whether you work from home or are juggling kids and household responsibilities, this outfit guide includes everything you need to slay at home while feeling cute and comfortable! 

inside this guide you’ll find…

Stress-Free Shopping List

Get a printable shopping list and recommended links of all the classic pieces you need to create a versatile wardrobe.

Daily Outfit Pairings

Know exactly how to pair your new clothes every day

Style Calendar

Receive 20 days worth of outfit pairings so you never have to spend time thinking about what to wear again.


Get access to our exclusive membership site so you can easily access your guide from anywhere!

End the battle with your closet

and finally feel confident in your clothes! Join thousands of members on a style journey with the Slay at Home Casual Capsule Wardrobe!

Want access to everything Outfit Formulas® has to offer? Get the All Access Pass here for only $19/month.


How it works

Only three simple steps to loving your closet again!

Step 1

explore the portal

Log in to your portal and get started! You’ll have immediate access to the guide and helpful information about your membership. The Slay at Home Casual Capsule Wardrobe includes a shopping list, outfit ideas, and printable outfit guide.
Step 2

Curate Your Closet

Review + check off your shopping list by shopping your closet, then fill in any gaps by using our helpful online directory or head to your favorite retailer. We encourage our members to shop with intention, and only add items to their closet that are a ‘heck yes!’.
Step 3

Style Your Outfits

Now that your pieces are in place it’s time to style your outfits, created using the pieces from your shopping list. Getting dressed will be the easiest thing you’ll do all day!

Join the 100,000+ MEMBERS Who Have Discovered Confident Style

Wondering if our guides will work for you? Absolutely! Over 100,000 members now enjoy effortless confident style because of our guides. They work for every body and every budget. You are not alone.

Want access to everything Outfit Formulas® has to offer? Get the All Access Pass here for only $19/month.



What is your refund policy?
Our individual Capsule Wardrobes are digital downloads and are not eligible for refunds.
Will I have to spend a lot of money on clothes to make this work?
Outfit Formulas® encourages you to shop your closet first (saving you time and money) and then fill in any gaps at your favorite retailer. You’ll be able to curate your capsule wardrobe on any budget. Our members shop everywhere from thrift stores and Walmart to Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. We are intentional about reusing closet staple pieces so after a few seasons of Outfit Formulas® you’ll have most of your basics in place and just need to add in seasonal trends as you like.
Will this work for my age/size/body shape?
Outfit Formulas® are designed to work for everybody and every body! Our members include women of every age and stage of life. Most of our members are between the ages of 35-65 and range from size 0 to plus sizes, including petite and tall fit. We even provide links to shop for every fit and size on our membership site.
What if I don’t like wearing <insert item> so I can’t do this?
Not a fan of skinny jeans, sleeveless tops, shorts, heels? No problem! Outfit Formulas® provide you with a formula to follow, rather than a specific article of clothing, which means you have the final say of the cut, style, and color for each and every item. You can follow our recommendations to a tee or get creative with your own unique style. The choice is yours.
Are all of these casual outfits or can I wear them for work too?

This is a casual capsule wardrobe. Check out our Work Wear Closet Staples guide for more office appropriate attire HERE


The illustrations offer more longevity to the guides and often help our members better visualize pieces they can use from their own closets to complete an Outfit Formula versus trying to copy the pictured item exactly. Our Slay At Home Casual Capsule Wardrobe is designed as a long-term reference for years to come, and specific clothing items are typically only available for a month or two at best. We do include suggested items with links that are updated on a monthly basis for easy shopping.

I still have questions, what should I do?
Check out our FAQ page! If you can’t find the answer there please contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

You Can Dress with Confidence!

Easily create stylish outfits that fit your body and budget. No more wondering what to wear!

Want access to everything Outfit Formulas® has to offer? Get the All Access Pass here for only $19/month.



Want access to everything Outfit Formulas® has to offer? Get the All Access Pass here for only $19/month.

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